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  1. In Memory Of David Bull, (1945-2008).

    11/10/08 14:50:52 | 0 Comments

    I want to take this oppertunity to honour the memory of my Father, who passed away on the 8th November, 2008.

    This was a man I was proud to call Dad, who supported my music for over 20 years, with every penny he had, and every penny he didn't.

    He will be missed by his entire family from both marriages, and will be with us in spirit.

    I am proud to carry his surname of Bull with me, and he will live on through his children and grandchildren.

    David Bull:
  2. An Album Is Born.

    01/23/07 21:39:02 | 1 Comments

    So I've just started work on my new album, which I'm hoping will be a Scotty Chan album, if the always amazing Jen wishes to add any of her own compositions to the new album. 

    The new album has been given a title, and is currently defined as a solo project, though there is no release date yet, and production of content for the tracks has just begun.

    The album will contain more dance-fusion/"Scotty Chan" style music, though these will be entirely new compositions, and not...